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    Installing Home Assistant into Proxmox 7

    Publish date: Feb-2022. First up is to ensure that Proxmox and it’s host is fully up to date of course. Then, the project is to download and install a script that will work digital voodoo and invoke the HomeAssistant. I do not normally trust magick script but in this case it seems the community itself recommends it. However, due it seems that due to differences in Proxmox7, the current version, and Proxmox6, the general-use script to stand up the Home Assistant service no longer works 100%. So this blog is about how to install Home Assistant 2021.12 into a Proxmox 7 VM. Specifically using a community script that will be…

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    How to specify either aufs or overlay2 for Ubuntu 20.04

    It is as easy as sudoing your nano at /etc/docker/daemon.json. I checked and for me this file didn’t yet exist. There was another .json file but not daemon.json. Then add the following clause: { “storage-driver”: “aufs”} Or, if you prefer: { “storage-driver”: “overlay2”} Save it and restart docker however you prefer. I use systemctl. If you do a docker info you’ll see that your preferred storage driver is now used. Enjoy the rest of your project.