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    Installing Home Assistant into Proxmox 7

    Publish date: Feb-2022. First up is to ensure that Proxmox and it’s host is fully up to date of course. Then, the project is to download and install a script that will work digital voodoo and invoke the HomeAssistant. I do not normally trust magick script but in this case it seems the community itself recommends it. However, due it seems that due to differences in Proxmox7, the current version, and Proxmox6, the general-use script to stand up the Home Assistant service no longer works 100%. So this blog is about how to install Home Assistant 2021.12 into a Proxmox 7 VM. Specifically using a community script that will be…

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    Re: Cisco NAT

    Notes regarding NAT; Network Address Translation The goal of NAT is to obfuscate addresses. Either source or destination addresses, and either inward or outward bound traffic. In order for NAT to work, it needs to be told several things. ============== 1 What source address(s) to use 2 What destination address(s) to use 3 What interface is considered the inside of a gateway 4 What interface is considered to be the outside of a gateway 5 Which of these ‘sides’ to obfuscate ============== Some of these items can inferred, while some must be explicitly provided. Take for instance a typical situation: One external IP address provided from the ISP with many…

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    A CISCO Lab

    Merry Christmas to those celebrating it. Hanuka for those celebrating that. Kwanzaa for others, and a number of other year-end/year-beginning festivals as well. I wish all of you peace, and good health for yourselves and your families. In another week or two I will be taking the CCNA as one of the final parts of my Bachelor’s degree, so I’m doing a lot of labs. In packet-tracer(from Cisco) and on the Cisco equipment I bought in pursuit of a career in network engineering/operations and security. As part of that process I’ve consumed a lot of content from many sources. From my WGU (my college), from LinkdIn Learning, Pluralsight, Udemy. from…