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    Network Model Abstractions

    I’m working through the Cloud Foundations certification curriculum currently. And in section 6.1.2 “Identifying OSI model layers” there were some charts that dealt with the OSI model, but I noticed things were different. I did the CCENT curriculum last term where the 7 OSI layers are reduced down to 4 because the TCP/IP stack only uses 4 logical layers, and wanted to see how the ‘new’ changes all work compared to the older model I learned originally. All of us geeks have our own way of understanding the 7 OSI layers and how they map onto real world troubleshooting. And how the TCP/IP model simplifies it for the specific use-case…

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    For Cloud or Desktop

    I am on corona-virus ‘Emergency Leave’ from my employer at the moment. I have pretty bad HBP, so am considered hi-risk and was given 4 weeks of leave. I am lucky enough to be paid for this time off, so I have no issues with bills due to this, and therefore have lots of time on my hands to do pretty much as I please…at home. I have been enrolled in college to get my bachelor’s degree for almost 4 years now, WGU for Network Operations & Security. My current class nets me the CompTia Cloud+ cert at the end of it along with 4 credits. In pursuit of that…

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    Leveraging F/LOSS

    It is 1:10am on April 11, 2020. I am sitting at home courtesy of my employer, at full pay for either 2 or 4 weeks. I’m not sure how that is determined, but I’m still home for another week regardless. I am grateful. Two weeks ago, reported new unemployment claims came in around 3.5 million. This is with not all states reporting, and so many claims came in so quickly that the number we have may be a bit lower than actual unemployment claims. Last week there was over 6 mil more and this week another 6 mil. That’s like 16 million people out of work in under a month…

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    First Post

    This is the first post for the all-new Olympic Softworks website. Over the years I have had several ideas that always wound up being somewhat complicated to launch. So I’ve decided to go back to basics. Since I am working full-time as well as working on my B.A. in Network Technology & Security, Olympic Softworks the organization is on hiatus as a physical presence in the community. But I am still doing things that are creating possible relevant content as school projects or pet personal projects done in what little spare time I have between work and school. So as part of my efforts, I will try to package them…